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So then, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message comes through preaching Christ.
Rom 10:17

It is clear that salvation is received by faith. Faith that comes from hearing the Good News about Jesus Christ. And that is the reason for the existence of Good News Radio.

Please share in this calling by becoming a Friend of Good News Radio.

There is so much that we need to do! And, as with everything worth wile, we need funds to do so.

Let me first give a perspective of values…

What can you do with R5.00?
*Buy half a tin of Soda
*Buy a quarter liter fuel
*Buy almost half a loaf of bread
*Buy about two cigarettes
and so I can go on showing that R5.00 really don’t go far.

BUT: Your R5.00 a month can make an eternal difference to someone hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ through GNR!

And that is all that be would like to ask – your R5.00 a month (because the amount is so small we ask for a 6 months or yearly subscription).

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6 Months


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1 month ago

Fillipense 4:6
Wees oor niks besorg nie, maar laat julle begeertes in alles deur gebed en smeking met danksegging bekend word by God.

1 month ago

1 Johannes 4;4
Julle behoort aan God liewe kinders, en het die vals profete klaar oorwin omdat Hy wat in julle is groter is as die duiwel wat in die wêreld is .

1 month ago

Lukas 1:37
Niks is vir God onmoontlik nie.

1 month ago

Exodus 14:14
Bly julle maar kalm, Die Here sal vir julle veg.

1 month ago

2 Timoteus 1;7
Die Gees wat God ons gegee het, maak ons immers nie lafhartig nie, maar vul ons met krag en liefde en selfbeheersing.

1 month ago

2 Samuel 22:17
Van bo het Hy sy hand uitgestrek en my gegryp my uit geweldige waters uitgelig.

1 month ago

Spreuke 4:23
Wees veral versigtig met wat in jou hart omgaan, want dit bepaal jou hele lewe.

1 month ago

Psalm 46:1,2
God is vir ons n toevlug en n beskerming; Hy was nog altyd bereid om te help in nood.

1 month ago

Matteus 4;19
Hy sê toe vir hulle; kom hier! Kom saam met My, en Ek sal julle vissers van mense maak.

1 month ago

Johannes 14;27
Vrede laat Ek vir julle na; my vrede gee Ek vir julle.

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